Sanibel Home Furnishings


Finding the right "scale" is important. While some homes have ten to twelve foot ceilings, many condos have the standard eight foot ceiling. We'll help you make sure your furniture fits just right, not just in size but also in proportion to your home.

We created our newest showroom area to replicate a small condo on the island, hopefully giving our clients a better idea of how their homes could look. While we don't have "walls", we have created "rooms" and decorated them in our vision of Island Living!

Whether your home is a house or a condo, our design team can help you make your home have a "flow". We'll help you choose a color palette and then show you how to make it work.

We have what you need for every room in your home, whether it's the living room, dining, kitchen, den, game room, play room or bedroom. From the floor to the ceiling, let us help you create your island home!

Getting it all "just right" is our forte, down to the last detail.

Come experience Sanibel Home Furnishings!